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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Operations support

A considerable number of support functions can be found in a major company such as Skanska. These provide critical support for operations working closely with our customers. Assignments are varied and you will have great opportunities to grow in your role and to specialize within a particular area.

Operations support is a broad concept that could be briefly described as entailing the creation of conditions that enable each employee to focus on and work with what he or she excels in and has the competency for.

There are many professional roles within operations support that you might not spontaneously associate with Skanska, but which are critical to our success as a company. Commonly occurring roles include economists, procurers, staff lawyers, human resource specialists, environmental scientists, marketers and communication specialists.

Wide variety of areas:

Our support functions are most often nationwide in scope and in certain cases, cover the entire Nordic region. This is due to the need for managing and applying the knowledge that is available within Skanska in the best manner possible. Consequently, your capacity of a supporting role may entail specialized assignments and involvement in the development of our shared work methods. Most of Skanska’s employees working in support functions are based in either the Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö offices.

Skanska has support functions in a number of areas, such as:

  • The finance function that works with such matters as accounting and administration of salaries and benefits.
  • Environmental support, which works with such issues as business development in green construction and ensuring the compliance, in terms of the environment, with customer, supplier, Group and legal requirements.
  • The IT department, which works with such projects as the development of Skanska’s business systems and ensures the functioning of its IT tools.
  • The HR department, which supports Skanska’s operations through the strategic planning of personnel supply and which recruits the right person for the right role.

Whatever job you may be interested in, you can probably find it at Skanska. The key is that you are good at what you do.