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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


The future – what happens next?

Skanska College provides you with a good foundation on which to stand. After completion of the study programme, Skanska will offer you probationary employment, if you not choose to apply for further studies at a university or some other technical institute.

Unlike a regular three-year college course, Skanska College provides you with a first step into your working life while you are still a student, in the form of practical work. You gain the opportunity to see how Skanska operates from the inside and to be part of real-life, on-going construction projects.

When you complete your course of study at Skanska College you will have gained an enormous amount of theoretical and practical experience, good skills and knowledge and an excellent contact network within the construction industry. Furthermore, if you choose to continue with the fourth year of study, you will be offered probationary employment at Skanska provided you have obtained complete final grades.

Opportunity to work in a construction project

A completed course of study gives you the opportunity to work in a construction project. It is difficult to say exactly what work duties you will obtain, since that depends on which construction project you are working in. Common to the majority of roles in a project is the fact that you will get to work with team management, planning, monitoring and the follow-up process as well as customer contacts. However, after the study programme you can't then apply for a job as, for example, a carpenter, since Skanska offers a technical programme with focus on the construction process. For that type of work (i.e. carpenter) you must apply to the construction programme at college and must have completed your apprenticeship period.

A course of study at Skanska College provides you with eligibility to apply for higher education at university or some other technical institute. If, however, you choose to accept an offer of probationary employment within Skanska, you can also undertake further education via one or several of the company's many internal training courses.