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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



We believe that real-life situations provide the best environments for learning. That is why practical work is an important aspect of your course of study at Skanska College, and our study programme gives you a fantastic opportunity to experience a real-life, on-going construction project from the inside.

The practical part of the programme is actually referred to as "APL" in Sweden, which is the Swedish abbreviation for "Workplace-Based Learning". APL enables you to take the first step in your working life while still undertaking your studies, since you will be provided with practical work experience in a real-life, on-going construction project.

The aim of the practical work is to provide you with an understanding of the construction process and an insight into how a construction project can be managed.

You undertake your internship within Skanska

You undertake your APL in a real-life project within Skanska, which could mean that you must live away from home during your APL period. Skanska has operations at some 234 different locations in Sweden and carries out approximately 3,000 projects each year.

You will be allocated a tutor and participate in the project's daily work activities. You may also be given assignments from the college, for example to check on how the environmental work is conducted within the project, about which you may then be asked to send a written report via email to your teacher at the college.

All practical work is carried out in Sweden, where the APL period is equivalent to 6 weeks spread out over three years.

The workplace's working hours apply

Your practical work is calculated in study hours but is then converted to a 40-hour week. As long as the college does not have any theoretical assignments for you during the same time, your practical work will be subject to the working hours that apply at the project's workplace. This means that a normal study week, during which you normally have around 25 hours of study in your schedule, will become 40 hours of practical work during an APL week.

Lunch and travel costs

During the APL period you will receive reimbursement for your lunch costs by the college, although it is up to you to arrange your lunches yourself. If it is not possible to arrange your APL at a location near your home region, the college will reimburse you for travel expenses to and from your APL location as well as any accommodation costs where applicable.