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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Three-year technical programme

We are looking to invest in people who see their future within the construction industry. You should be interested in construction techniques and in working as a project manager. Skanska College offers a three-year technical programme that is approved as a preparatory course for further studies and thus provides you with the appropriate eligibility if you wish to apply for continued studies at university or some other technical institute.

The aim with the college’s three-year technical programme is to develop your technical skills and knowledge. The programme is designed to illustrate the relationships that exist between the various aspects of technical development processes and to contribute to your understanding of the entire chain concerning technical development in a sustainable society. Technical development involves the ability to analyse needs, develop an idea, design, construct, produce, use, sell and recycle.

Special orientation and a fourth year of study

During the programme you have the possibility to focus on the special orientation of Urban Construction and Environment. Furthermore, you have the possibility to undertake a fourth year of study as preparation for a professional career and thus gain a college diploma in engineering.

Eligibility for further study at university or some other technical institute

At this point in time it is not exactly clear how the eligibility requirements for further study at university or technical institutes will appear from 2014, when you have gained your college diploma. During 2011 the Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services will make its final decisions regarding these matters, in other words before you must decide which elective subjects to include in your course of study.