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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


About the study programme

Skanska College is a regular Swedish college – and yet it’s not.
It is our conviction that you learn best from real-life situations, and practical work is therefore an important aspect of the study programme at the college. Upon completion of the programme you will be ready to take on a team-leading role within the construction industry.

Om utbildningen

A course of study at Skanska College gives you excellent prospects for the future. The construction industry of the future will need people with the skills and knowledge provided by the college's study programme.

The theoretical part of the programme is conducted at the college's premises at Trädgårdsgatan 26 in the central of Växjö. Many of the people you will meet during your course of study are active in on-going construction projects throughout Sweden. The practical part of the course will be arranged as close to your home region as possible.

At Skanska College you will receive a course of study that prepares you to be able to take on a team-leading role in the construction industry. Leading a project involves aspects such as putting together a work team and making sure they have everything they need – when they need it. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the job at the workplace is carried out in compliance with Skanska's stringent requirements regarding environment, quality and safety. So if you are a social and responsive problem-solver then Skanska College may very well offer the right course of study for you!

Om utbildningen