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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



We have the possibility to offer you accommodation. Our boarding facilities consist of two buildings with three floors each, centrally located in Växjö. If you are just starting your course of study at Skanska College and wish to stay at our boarding facilities, it may be the very first time you have needed to live away from home or live on your own. We have taken that into consideration in the planning of the accommodation.

The boarding facilities are situated at Seminarievägen 24 C-D, about 15 minutes’ walk from the college. You rent your own room with shower, toilet, broadband connection and the possibility of cable TV. Naturally the door to your room can be locked so that you are able to enjoy peace and quiet whenever you wish.

The boarding facilities consist of 78 rooms in total, which means 13 rooms per floor. Your room is unfurnished when you move in. Each floor has two kitchens where it is your responsibility, together with the other people living on the floor, to clean up after use and to look after your own things. You receive your own personal storage area for food and kitchen utensils, but the fridges and freezers are shared by everyone living on the floor. There is also a furnished common room available for socialising. The various floors are each locked separately, so only residents  have access to the floor on which you live.

The rent is currently set at 3,300 SEK per month. You pay full rent during nine months of the year and 50% rent for June and August. The month of July is rent-free.

You have the right to receive an accommodation supplement via CSN. The amount you will receive is dependent on the distance between your home region and Växjö. More information about this can be obtained via CSN’s website, to which there is a link above to the right.

Moving away from home is a big step to take and means start taking responsibility for things such as your own cleaning, cooking, getting up of your own accord in the morning and arriving on time for classes and other activities. If you ever start to feel homesick, Växjö offers excellent train, bus and airline services for travel purposes.

If you don’t wish to stay at the college’s boarding facilities you can always place an “accommodation wanted” ad in Växjö’s local newspaper, Smålandsposten, or contact private landlords directly. Unfortunately it is not possible to rent municipal student flats, since these are earmarked for university students.

When you are accepted to the college we will be able to provide you with more information about our boarding facilities as necessary.