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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Skanska College

Skanska College is an independent college with a three-year technical programme.The college also offers a voluntary fourth year of study at college-level. The construction process is a general theme throughout the programme and contains a mixture of theory and practical work. Upon completion of the fourthyear Skanska offers you probationary employment. You may also choose to pursue further studies at university level or other technical institute after the third year.

About the college

Skanska College is located in Växjö and is an independent college with a three-year technical programme. Focus is placed on an appropriate balance between theory and practical work.

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Apart from the subjects that are common to all courses of study at college level in Sweden, you will also study specialised subjects and a more in-depth programme in Urban Construction and Environment and Engineering Science.

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Skanska College has boarding facilities where you can rent a student room. The boarding facilities are located in central Växjö with 15 minutes to walk to the college.

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