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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


How to apply

We consider it vital that the right person ends up in the right place. We also consider it important that you, as a jobseeker, should have a fair image of Skanska. Consequently, we have a clear recruitment process.

To ensure that we find the best employees possible, we invest a considerable amount of time in our recruitment. Our recruitment process provides support along the way, ensuring that all of Skanska’s recruitments follow the same steps. It is also important that those who apply for a job with Skanska know what will happen next.

Our recruitment process can be divided into the following steps:

Identifying requirements

A requirement is identified in Skanska’s operations – either an employee has left Skanska or we require reinforcement with a new employee.

Requirement profile

We compile a requirement profile to determine who we need to recruit. Formal requirements on competency and education are then listed, as well as personal qualities that are vital to the role.


Based on our requirement profile, we create an advertisement, through which we specify the job assignments, areas of responsibility and the qualities required for fulfilling the role. All our available positions are advertized on our website. Depending on the particular position, we may also advertize on other websites, in print media and sometimes on the web pages of external recruitment agencies.


We read all the applications that we receive. These are then matched against our requirement profile. The recruiting manager is consulted on the candidates we consider best matched to the profile.

Telephone interview

Before we invite you to an interview, we usually conduct an assessment by telephone with the selected candidates. These may sometimes take the form of a brief assessment or may comprise a somewhat longer telephone interview.


We normally conduct two interviews with the candidates who are interested in the position. The HR department often conducts the first interview and then conducts the second together with the recruitment manager.

Reference checking

Following the interview, we check the references of the candidates who may be relevant for the position. We always call at least two references.

Possible personality questionnaire

For certain roles, candidates are required to fill out a personality questionnaire. The questionnaire may provide us with a clearer picture of how the individual thinks, acts and feels in various situations at work.

Final selection and employment

Following the interviews, reference gathering and where necessary, the completion of a personality questionnaire, the recruitment manager makes a final decision on the candidate whom we will offer employment. Then, everyone who has been for an interview receives a phone call informing them that the position has been filled. All other applicants for the position receive a notification by e-mail.