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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Construction and civil

At Skanska, we are driven by the desire to build, develop and maintain the physical environment in which we all live. Through our construction and civil-engineering operations, which are established throughout Sweden, we play a daily part in helping to improve our society and our customers.

Construction and civil-engineering operations are Skanska’s largest and oldest business. It is also possibly the business stream that most people associate with Skanska. The business is broad-based and comprises many products and services.

Our main focus is building construction, roads and civil engineering as well as asphalt and concrete. Among other projects, we construct offices, residential properties and hospitals; manufacture asphalt, concrete and aggregates; build roads, bridges and railways as well as carry out assignments focused on services, such as construction services and repairs.

Our services and products combine to form an overall business enabling us to take on all types of projects, from small local ones to major complex turnkey assignments. The manner in which we work in the projects varies due to the wide diversity of assignments. In certain projects, we utilize all our collective competence and know-how, while in others we only avail ourselves of specific services.

However, the common theme that pervades all of our construction and civil-engineering projects is our in-depth know-how, local presence and global strength, in addition to our goal of creating sustainable solutions that develop society and improve everyday life for all people.

Another success factor is our drive to ensure a safe work environment and we work continuously to identify and prevent risks. All personnel who are active in our worksites are also involved in safety activities and we work systematically to achieve our vision of zero workplace accidents. 

Our customers include both large and small companies as well as public authorities.

Skanska’s construction and civil-engineering operations include the following:

  • Buildings: Produces, for example, offices, residences, hospitals and schools. This segment also includes construction services, installations and equipment hire.
  • Roads and Civil Engineering: Roads, bridges, tunnels, railways and foundation laying are a few examples of projects falling under Roads and Civil Engineering.

  • Asphalt and Concrete: We manufacture asphalt, concrete and aggregates, and carry out road maintenance and surfacing work.