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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Environmental certifications

Skanska was an early adoptor of environmental certifications and is today one of the leading players.

Environmental certifications facilitate the placing of environmental requirements and prioritize the best measures for environmental conservation. The systems have high credibility, which in turn simplifies communication about environmental work and the building’s environmental performance. An environmentally certified building can also strengthen the brand and reduce future risks.

LEED, BREEAM, GreenBuilding, the Nordic Ecolabel, Passive House and Miljöbyggnad are the most commonly used eco-labeling systems.

At Skanska, we strive to promote the LEED system, since it is an internationally recognized, comprehensive environmental certification system that provides major opportunities to drive the development of green construction.

Environmental certification – a comparison

There are many different eco-labeling systems available for buildings today, which makes it difficult to choose and know what the various labels stand for. They cannot be directly compared, because they handle similar issues by using different approaches.

At Skanska, we work with all of the most commonly used systems and we assist you in learning about what they represent.

In order to gain an overall view of the issues that the various systems deal with, we have performed an analysis that is summarized below. Certain systems deal only with single issues, such as energy, while others adopt a holistic approach. It is best to adopt an eco-labeling system at the earliest possible stage and it also provides useful support in the planning process. All the environmental certifications fulfill a specific function to develop a greener focus for the construction industry.

a comparison environmental certifications