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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



At Skanska, sustainability is not only about energy and climate issues, or about chemicals and material. It is much more about what kind of planet we would like to live on. We are committed to take responsibility for the society in which we work and live, and to do it in a responsible way.

Skanska and sustainability

Skanska and sustainability

We develop and build some of the world’s most complex projects, both large and small. And we do it while caring about our people, enhancing the environment, acting in the most ethical ways, and changing our communities for the better. As a leading society developer, Skanska has an important role in the development of a sustainable society.

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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

To live and work in accordance with our strong ethical values is a requirement to become the leading community developer. We want to give something back to the communities we operate in and therefore our social commitment is so strongly. We give people the opportunity to practice at one of our workplaces, and help them to get access to the labor market.

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How we work

How we work with sustainability

In order to work in a systematic manner, we have different tools that helps us measure and monitor our work. One tool is the Skanska Color Palette - a strategic framework and communication tool for Green Business to measure and guide the company's performance on our journey to build and design with close to zero environmental impact.

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Environmental certifications

Malmö Live, Congress, Consert building ant Hotel

Skanska was an early adoptor of environmental certifications and is today one of the leading players. LEED, BREEAM, GreenBuilding, the Nordic Ecolabel, passive buildings and Miljöbyggnad are the most commonly used eco-labeling systems.

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Sustainability case studies

It is important for us to be a pioneer and showcase best practice examples that can inspire both internally and externally.


Solallén, a residential neighborhood in Vikaholm, Växjö

Solallén is a residential neighborhood in Vikaholm, Växjö, which consists of 21 townhouses. The project is Sweden’s first net zero energy neighborhood and Skanska’s first ever net zero energy and Deep Green residential project. The townhouses are intended to be affordable family homes.

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Väla gård

Väla gård, Helsingborg,Skanska's greenest office building

Skanska's greenest office building and also our office in Helsingborg. The building achieved LEED Platinum and became Sweden’s first Deep Green building by achieving net zero energy, and by being constructed with zero hazardous materials and with zero waste sent to landfill.

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Sjisjka Wind Parks

Sjisjka & Mullbergs Wind Parks

Sjisjka & Mullbergs Wind Parks in northern and central Sweden are two of the largest on-shore wind parks in the country. Sjisjka was awarded Sweden Green Building Award 2014 in the category "Innovation and collaboration on sustainable development of facility projects”.

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Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects, Östra länken, Trafikplats Ljung

Trafikplats Jung, TGOJ Porten and Östra Länken are Swedish infrastructure projects that achieved financial, material and carbon savings through smart design. During construction, the projects were also conducted to minimize environmental impacts and water use.

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