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Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.



Skanska works proactively and on a daily basis with issue relating to ethics. We do this because a high level of ethics gives us peace of mind and because it strengthens our brand. An open corporate climate in which we who work at Skanska can freely discuss, react and act ensures a workplace with a high degree of job satisfaction and well-being.

At a basic level, ethics is about knowing what is right and then acting accordingly. However, ethics is not a simple issue – the world is continuously evolving and new ethical dilemmas are arising. Ethics is also something that affects everybody at our company, from the skilled workers to the most senior managers.

Skanska has a very clear vision with respect to ethics: Zero ethical breaches. We tolerate no form of corruption, bribery, anticompetitive actions, discrimination or harassment.

How we work with ethics

Many different tools are needed to achieve a high ethical standing. Our efforts also encompass the entire Group – in all countries and across all professional categories. At Skanska, all 57,000 employees have an ethical responsibility.

The Code of Conduct is one of our most important tools. It regulates how Skanska employees should act and the values that apply.

Each home market has an ethical council that can provide assistance in respect to ethical matters. Furthermore, we have 15 ethical experts at Skanska Knowledge Network, which is global in scope.

Skanska’s Code of Conduct Hotline was launched in 2010. This is a Group-wide online service that employees can use anonymously should they suspect violations of the Code of Conduct.

Write your report in English. If you choose to, you can remain anonymous.

Use this web address:

Use this access code: 09324

Your report will be managed by Skanska AB's Ethics Committee, who may
come back to you with questions or information.

Even those who are not employees of Skanska, such as customers or subcontractors, can report ethical irregularities.

However, ethical issues are not just something to be handled by experts and task forces, all of Skanska’s employees are trained in ethics and we have regular discussions to keep the issue current. Because our belief is that ethics is very closely connected with training and with discussing with others how to react in various situations.