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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Residential development

We develop and create living environments with new homes, which we then sell to private consumers. Prior to the commencement of each new project, we perform extensive analyses, through which we adapt our offering based on the various requirements and dreams of individuals. The core of our operation is to increase life quality.


As a prerequisite for our operations, the land we develop must be in a prime location. In Sweden, we work primarily within the three metropolitan areas of Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg and their surroundings.

We maintain a relationship with the end consumer throughout the process: from their initial application indicating interest, to the signing of contracts, options and their moving in; our relationship also continues for a couple of years after they have moved in.

As a major player, we also have an opportunity to influence how an area will be developed, for whom it will be suited and the neighborhood services that will be available when construction is completed. We are aware that aspects such as kitchens and balconies/patios are of major significance for individuals who are choosing a new home. However, the feeling and expectation of an improvement in life quality is equally important. Thus, we place a considerable focus on creating beautiful, well-planned homes that will suit the needs of their occupants.

Our approach

The concept phase

Before we purchase a piece of land, we will probably already have an idea of the type of residential area we wish to create. When we take ownership of the land, we develop this analysis and design both the area and individual homes in greater detail, for the people for whom they are intended. “What is important to our future customer? How do we deliver it in an appropriate manner?” These are questions that drive all the phases of our development work.

Commencement of sales

When you purchase a new home, you join the project at an early phase. We begin selling homes at least one year prior to the moving-in day, usually several months before the commencement of construction. This means that our customers can participate and influence the interior design and details of their new home.

Signing of contract and options

One of the advantages of having a new home is the customer’s opportunity to make decisions on its design. Consequently, once the contract has been signed, an exciting journey begins with the selection of colors, materials and other options.

Moving in and service responsibilities

We maintain a presence, even after the building is completed and the occupants have moved in, in order to handle any questions and problems that may arise, to ensure that the new home is a trouble-free home.