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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Commercial development

We initiate, develop and invest in commercial properties. Our three most important products are offices, logistics and high-volume retail. We operate with a long-term perspective – it is not unusual for a project to take between five to ten years, from concept to finished building.

Kommersiell utveckling

An excellent geographical location for the properties is a prerequisite to our operations. In terms of offices in Sweden, we are localized to Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. We work with logistics and high-volume retail throughout the country.

We are active along the entire value chain: from the initial concept of project to the completion of a building and its handover to property management. Our entire existing property portfolio and the large number of properties that have been divested through the years were established in this manner.

Our operations produce:

  • Offices: In Sweden, we are active in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg
  • Logistics: We have operations throughout Sweden.
  • High-volume retail: We have operations throughout Sweden.
  • OCW (Other commercial warehouses): These operations are solely in Gothenburg.

Eco-friendly properties and energy efficiency are a matter of course when we implement our projects. Through the years, Skanska has developed a series of solutions to ensure the most environmentally friendly processes and products possible. All the commercial properties that we develop are certified in accordance with the LEED environmental certification system.

Our approach

Project development

Through our long-term market presence, we contribute to the development of social infrastructure with new ideas for work places. Projects are subsequently designed in close cooperation with municipalities and other stakeholders.

Property developers and owners

Skanska owns and finances all its projects, and assumes the role of property developer and property owner during the building production phase. Due to the large number of projects undertaken, Skanska has accumulated the experience and know-how required for projects to be implemented with excellence. For example, we place stringent requirements on implementation with respect to environment, quality and health and safety.


A company’s image is to a large extent created by its premises. With the right premises, a company can attract both manpower and new customers. We work continuously to offer our premises on the leasing market. When they are leased, Skanska designs the premises in close cooperation with the tenants.

Property management

Skanska manages a property portfolio that was constructed by the company itself. We strive to continuously improve our work through a close dialog with our tenants.


We invest in land and new projects on a continuous basis and divest a percentage of our completed properties.