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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Skanska Supplier Portal

Skanska Sweden use the Supplier portal in the search for suppliers. As a supplier to Skanska it is mandatory to conduct a prequalification, which is handled through our Supplier Portal. If you are a supplier you can also upload current contact details and information about which goods or services your company delivers.

Time to update your prequalification

Previously prequalified suppliers to Skanska will receive or have already received an e-mail with login information, ie user name and password, and a link to our new Supplier Portal. If you are a potential supplier to Skanska and want to pre-qualify, please contact Skanska Support on alternatively by phone +46 10 448 01 00.

For you as an existing supplier to Skanska

Now it's time for you as a supplier to enter into Skanska's new Supplier Portal and update your information. Skanska has moved a majority of your company's earlier response into the new system for prequalification. In addition to checking previous submissions, we want you to answer new questions regarding the updated legal requirements or specific questions about the goods and services that your company delivers to Skanska. In the Supplier Portal, we also want you to upload attachments, such as your company's Health and Safety policy and proof of insurance.


To the right you find instructions for how to log into the Supplier Portal and where in the Supplier Portal, you will find a more detailed manual on how to conduct the prequalification.


If you have additional questions not covered in the manual, please contact Skanska Support through or by telephone: +46 10 448 01 00

Get access to the Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal is available to existing and potential suppliers to Skanska. If you want access to the Supplier Portal you can apply for an account using the link at top right. After verification, you will receive log in information by e-mail.