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Skanska i Sverige

Here you will find information regarding Skanska's operations in Sweden.


Being a Skanska supplier

We place high demands on ourselves in respect of quality, environment and work environment and how we conduct ourselves and we place these same high demands on our suppliers. Below, we have compiled the documents required by our suppliers.

Skanska strives to be world-leading in the areas of safety, health and environment. In the communities and environments in which we operate, it is our responsibility to act correctly in all situations. It is also important that we do right by our employees, business partners and society at large. It is therefore important for us that you as a supplier are aware of and support our core values and Code of Conduct.


The environment is a prioritized area for us at Skanska and, to ensure our position as the leading green project developer and construction company, the suppliers we work with must share our ambition and adhere to the environmental standards that we apply.

In collaboration with our suppliers and subcontractors, we work to phase out hazardous substances. Skanska was one of the initiators of BASTA (phasing out dangerous substances from construction products) and is a member of the industry association Byggvarubedömningen (Building Materials Assessment).

We practice green building and often work with environmental labeling of building, such as LEED, Nordic Ecolabel and the Miljöklassad Byggnad certification system. We can help you to understand what is involved in delivering material and services to our environmentally certified projects. We are always on the lookout for partners to develop the green solutions of tomorrow.

Work environment

We want everybody at our workplaces, which include temporary workers, subcontractors, parallel contractors, other partners and own employees, to enjoy their work, respect each other and to return home with their life and health intact.

Many accidents are caused by the decisions and actions of people, which means that they can be prevented. Against this background, we require everybody visiting our worksites to follow our General Conduct and Safety Rules.